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Celebrating the Tricolore story throughout its product ranges and showcasing an inventive use of primary colours, le coq sportif is a true brand ambassador of France.

The men’s campaign polarized LCS8005A style cleverly deconstructs the three colours of the French flag with a matte white painted metal pilot front and contrasting blue and red temples. The iconic Bleu-Blanc-Rouge (BBR) non-symmetrical decoration embraces the colour-blocking trend of the 90’s with an inventive use of the primary colours. The bold and strong colours of BBR are inspired by the strength of athleticism for which the brand is globally recognised. The logo is printed on the bridge of these pilot frames as a contrasting black rooster on the white background. This play with colour is continued with the rooster featured in white on the darker versions of the style.

The women’s campaign style LCS8006A is a refined yet classic pilot metal shape made with a lightweight rimwire to reveal a simpler and casual matte satin finish. Crafted for enduring elegance and outstanding strength, the style reveals the iconic Bleu-Blanc-Rouge (BBR) logo on the dark background and the trademark three stripes of the French flag adorn the right interior acetate tip of the temple, making a clear reference to le coq sportif’s fashion line.

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