The All Seeing Eye

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Circular forms continue to be Yohji Yamamoto’s muse for the latest optical collection, while flat brows and single flowing lines recall the essence of Japanese drawing techniques.

Titanium style YY3014 is minimalism in its purest form. It exudes femininity: its delicate curvature around the bridge and linear titanium form along the brow line add mystery and sensual volume.

Bespoke Italian acetates provides a different medium for Yohji to experiment with. YY1032 interweaves curves with perfectly straight lines. Juxtapositions of round eye shapes with flat brow lines show Yohji at his deftest – a delicate layer of laminated acetate bleeding into the lens form and a low incision slices across the bridge.


Style YY3014 – Ph credit: Spectr Magazine / Baltin & Calisti


Style YY1032 – Ph credit: Spectr Magazine / Baltin & Calisti