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Kid’s brand ZOOBUG LONDON is ready for summer with retro-inspired pastels, a highlight for warm days in the sunshine! The kid’s eyewear team headed to Primrose Hill, the chic North London neighbourhood, famous for its colourful, candy-toned streets – the perfect backdrop for the ZOOBUG gang.

Iconic ZOOBUG designs are transformed in the season’s retro-inspired pastel hues of pink, lilac, blue and the most flattering green. Subtle or contrasting colours in the polarised lenses lend a sophisticated modern touch in kid-friendly designs that balance style, functionality and comfort. Unisex mirrored finishes add an extra edge where kids require a statement look and mini-me cool – “just like mum and dad”!

In super soft pastel green, ZOOBUG LONDON’s ever-popular girl’s model DAISY (ZB 5029), the iconic award-winning shape first launched in 2006, is the ultimate example of the brand’s dip into flattering ice-cream hues and the perfect antidote for sensitive eyes, wherever you’re heading for summer sun.

ZOOBUG LONDON – on location in Primrose Hill with kids’ fashion photographer Lesley Edith.

Kid's zoobug sunglasses

Featured style: ZB5029

Photography Credit: ( @lesleyedith