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Yohji Yamamoto’s avant-garde fascination with the concept of deconstruction has transitioned from the ready-to-wear lines to the latest sunglass collection, for a range that speaks Yohji in every single detail. YY7008 and YY7009 are the utmost expression of the exploration of round shapes: metal lens forms with grooved rims push through thick acetate silhouettes to… Read More


Deconstruction of the essential and reconstruction of beauty. Turning tradition on its head, the latest optical collection by Yohji Yamamoto is a styling evolution. In a continuation of the Japanese design philosophy “Wabi Sabi”, perfection is found through contrast and disruption. An example of this disruption is found in YY1030: experimenting with flashes of matte… Read More

Dramatic, Avant Garde, Intelligent

Taking inspiration from his original three-word brief, Yohji Yamamoto’s beguiling optical collection investigates reconstruction through deconstruction. Is an exploration in depth of colour and an expression of Yamamoto’s rebellious spirit, his love of form, his skill in fit and cut. Inspired by imperfect beauty, wisps of greys dance across the surface of YY1029 creating a… Read More


OPTI trade show is approaching and so is the release date of EYEWEAR magazine number 16. For the upcoming issue, the publication has exclusively interviewed Sam Craig, the creative mastermind behind Yohji Yamamoto’s eyewear program. Be inspired by the creative theory behind the brand’s latest sun and optical collections. “Yohji Yamamoto eyewear collection is very aligned with the… Read More