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Gorgeous Ayla, daughter of Raquel Dos Santos at ‘The Tiny Rules’ ( is a ZOOBUG LONDON girl, through and through. Her favourite style is the Zoobug Daisy, now available for SS18 in a special size, for the 0-3 age group. The sunglasses are fitted with adult-quality UV protection and polarised lenses to block glare from the sun.

‘The Tiny Rules’ is a fun fashion blog about a mum and daughter. “Ayla is a toddler that exudes girl power with a ruler attitude and she is not afraid to show it” says Raquel of her daughter, who is just about to turn four. “Confidence and self-esteem are two key qualities that I nourish in Ayla, to pave the beginning of a life of success.”

Zoobug’s statement Daisy sunglasses are available in two sizes for 0-3 years and 4-12. ZB5026, which Ayla wears in white, is fitted with polarised grey lenses, curled temple tips for a comfortable and secure fit and a built-up bridge in non-toxic silicone which stops the frames from sliding down the nose! The ideal style for stylish tots and future fashionistas.

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