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Celebrate Spring-Summer 2019 with Christian Lacroix’s new sunglass collection.

The creativity of the brand truly shines through with flamboyant designs that strive to be spectacular yet sophisticated… just in time for Mother’s Day in France!

Keeping with Lacroix’s flair for daring colour combinations, EIVISSA CL5080 mixes bright tones and extravagant patterns. The top front of the red version features a playful black and crystal polka dot motif, contrasting the striking Botanic Rainbow print in coral on the bottom. This dazzling rainbow-like design brings rich blues and brilliant reds together, softened by a superb crystal base. Similar to a piece of art, coin-edge vintage patterns embellish the gold metal temples. In the blue version, the black and crystal polka dots are juxtaposed by a mix of aqua, navy and purple, matched instead with silver metal temples and tonal acetate tips. The Babylon Night version plays with polka dots, shadows and a pink peony floral assembly framed by a soft oversized cat-eye shape.

Another highlight to keep a keen eye on are the exclusive, high-quality Mazzucchelli acetates in style CL5078. Revealing a chic appreciation for white marble, the richly decorative print on top of a lighter crystal background brings allure. Utterly Marbellous.

There’s much to gaze at in Christian Lacroix’s new sunglass collection with its stunning touch and eye-catching contrasts.

Christian Lacroix new sunglass collection logo

Featured styles: EIVISSA CL5080 & CL5078