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The full metal trend of the 80s and 90s have been re-envisioned for Pepe Jeans’ COBY PJ5155. Made with a lightweight minimal metal structure this style ranges in a variety of hues from vitamin yellow to candy pink or copper. Then matching tips finish the frames to complete their final retro-inspired beach chic look.

This model’s little sister, FLYNN PJ5157, features the same expressive tones and fine metal rim combinations. However, this style comes in a very vintage oval shape that has found itself popular amongst many online influencers.

Translucent as well as frosted bon-bon colourations make JOSHUA PJ7323 irresistibly street-smart and give it a unisex appeal. The bold black and slick navy versions depict a more masculine charm, while the pretty pink is a more playful, feminine option. A distinguished metal top bar over the bridge completes this style with fine attention to detail.

Pepe Jeans pride themselves on elevating the basics with innovation and ingenuity. At its core, the adults’ SUN19 collection is curious and resourceful with an artsy feel and creative details that everyone can feel at home in. There is a lot of freedom in the elements of the past, present and future throughout Pepe Jeans Eyewear.

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Featured styles: COBY PJ5155, FLYNN PJ5157 & JOSHUA PJ7323

Featured influencer: Federica wearing FLYNN PJ5157 – ph credit @junesixtyfive