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To celebrate Earth Day, we caught up with Mondottica’s sustainability group!

Earth Day is an annual event held on 22nd April to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Committed to our membership of the UN Global Compact UK, our internal group looks at making conscious and authentic steps to improve the sustainability of our eyewear collections and operations.

Focusing on areas such as product, packaging, POS, energy and working in partnership with our supply chain, our people, and our communities, we strive to meet our goals and create positive impact on the planet.

Here’s what our members had to say on the following questions:

Why did you want to join Mondottica’s company sustainability group?

Charlotte from our Brand team: “I wanted to join Mondottica’s sustainability group as although I am a ‘newbie’ to the sustainability world, I have a real interest in what we can all do to make a difference to our planet and our working lives. The group isn’t just a tick box exercise, everyone who is a part of it wants to make real change.”

Sam from our Creative team: “Sustainable practices have to be at the centre of everything we do. Mondottica is taking it’s responsibility as a sustainable producer of consumer goods very seriously, but we have a long way to go. I’m interested to be part of this development.”

Laura from our Brand team: “I have a personal interest in sustainability and was excited by the challenge of helping to implement new sustainability ideas and practices across the business.”

Diane from our HR team: “To be part of the journey following the introduction of sustainability within the business”

Ben from our Commercial team: “I wanted to be part of the overall journey in ensuring as a business we fulfil our commitment to our sustainable goals, continuing to produce beautifully designed and crafted product whilst also ensuring we do our part in providing a more sustainable future for generations, both via advancements and sustainable ways in which we create our products, but also the wider social responsibilities of each and every one of us to more day in day out.”

Ashleigh from our Commercial team: “As I am new to the business, I wanted to join the group as I had a lot of ideas around sustainability and was interested to know what Mondottica as a company are doing to work towards being more sustainable, it turns out they are doing a lot. Being part of the group helps me understand that first hand and also play a part in the decision making which is fantastic!”

What you are most excited to have been working on in relation to the group?

Sam: “I’m happy to be working on production methods of sustainably printed and produced print items, but I’m more excited to see a step-change in our industry towards using digital technology, in place of mass producing printed materials which will ultimately be disposed of, even if the disposal is a recycling process, in the long run it makes sense to cut this out completely.”

Laurar: “As a newer member of the team I have not worked on many projects as of yet. However, I am excited to see the developments of new sustainable materials in eyewear and packaging, and how this can be successfully integrated into our product ranges.”

Ashleigh: “As it was my first meeting the other day, I haven’t been part of anything so far, but for me, anything we can do collaboratively to help the local community is a benefit especially when the office is local to me and where I grew up, it’s nice to give back.”

Diane: “To help drive and then see the changes the business makes”

Ben: “I am excited to work on the projects where we can further incorporate sustainable materials and ways of working, whilst still offering a fantastic product to our customers and in turn their customers”

Charlotte: “I most excited at making a change and real impact on the way we do things at Mondottica. Reducing waste from a POS perspective is a massive one for me as we currently put a large amount in to landfill. Working with Janice and Darcia to reduce this is really exciting that we are actually making a difference. Along with this, looking at new materials for products and packaging is educating me on so much, and really exciting to see what we can do.”

Happy Earth Day from Mondottica Group! 🌍

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