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Contemporary and unique, Hackett’s approach to fashion is steeped in traditions of men’s savoir faire and combines it with a forward-thinking vision.

The 2019 Hackett Bespoke sunglass collection combines heritage with a concentrated focus on the latest materials and construction. Much like in their tailoring. Whether it’s an afternoon on a yacht or a casual lunch. This seasons sunglass edit has the Hackett gentleman fully covered for any occasion.

Panto shaped HSB888 fuses timeless design with colourful modern thinking. Just as a Hackett suit features contrasts of prints and colour in its linings, this frame creates a modern disconnect in hues between the front shapes and the temples to give a twist on classic colouration. Top-mounted logo plaques keeps branding discreet, the way a gentleman prefers.

HSB891 style has ultra-stainless steel metal fronts and vintage filigree embellishments on the bridge and monobloc hinges. With new ‘H’ monograms adoring the acetate tips, exclusively sourced from the Italian master Mazzuchelli. These frames originate from modern manufacturing and retro sensibilities. Available in black and gold, these frames are a great example of Hackett’s commitment to timeless profiles and stylish materials.

If you’re looking for Hackett Bespoke sunglasses, the brand’s website has a Sunglasses Guide to make sure you get the right sunglasses to enhance your face shape.

Hackett London Bespoke HSB888 Sunglasses Photographed Street Style

Hackett London Bespoke HSB891 Sunglasses In Gold Photographed Street Style

Featured styles: HSB888 & HSB891 available now