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Maje’s bold and feminine styles continue to befit the brightest, up and coming models for their Spring-Summer campaigns. They are usually irreverent in attitude and for many of this seasons looks Maje has selected model Ansolet Rossauw; who is certainly no different.

Hailing from South Africa Rossauw (pictured above) is truly a citizen of the world, the quintessentially daring #Majegirl.

For the SS19 collection Judith Milgrom has pulled fresh inspiration from the warm Mediterranean roots of their grand Napoleon showroom in Paris, Maje’s new acting headquarters. Open windows and strong architecture allow any plant life to truly blossom into life from within the cracks. That balance of city, nature and independent exploration is the essence of this years looks which feature many warm, floral patterns and flowers that seem to have been picked up along a stroll through the heart of the city.

Maje’s optical collection compliments this with strong designs that hold soft, but bold detailing. MJ1018 is made of UTA (ultra thin acetate) and refined metalwork, efficiently crafted to highlight the eccentricities’ of the hexagonal eye-shape and featuring intricate art deco detailing. This weaving of materials also gives the frame a lightweight appeal and that luxury Parisian feel.

This Parisian feel that by any Maje girl can be felt whether they are ‘here…or away.’ Visit the Maje website to explore their new campaign video, photographed by Oliver Pearch, Directed by Julien Pujol and staring the stunning Grace Hartzell (Use the link below to explore)

Photograph Of Maje's MJ1018 Optical Glasses On A Yellow Background

Featured style: MJ1018

Model: @ansolet_rossouw