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Even with a superb end to June in expectedly hot weather, we are still yet to reach the high summer period. To mark this point in the year, the brand’s prized campaign sunglass piece SD6008 will be released as a Sandro drop. The style is now ready to click and reserve so Sandro fans can get notified when the product is available.

An oversized frame, SD6008 is chunky, yet lightweight with a super flat front and a directional cat-eye shape. Created with a new signature tort inspired print, the pattern appears like brushstrokes. As if the burnt orange and white flecks have been artfully splashed onto a darker crystal base. Other colour variations include the newly-introduced teal hue, bringing further lightness to the bold look and accentuating details such as colour- blocking, and the distinctive three-point rivet signature.

Reserve the style on and keep your eyes peeled on this exclusive high summer drop!

High Summer Sandro Drop

Featured style: SD6008

Model: @rebeccalongendyke
Art Direction + Photography: @atelierfranckdurand Styling: @SuzanneKoller