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Next week, 9th – 13th May, is UK Mental Health Awareness Week, an annual event in the UK that focuses on achieving good mental health.

At Mondottica Group, we support staff to achieve good mental health and wellbeing.

We are proactively investing in Mental Health First Aid training; a programme which will train 10 staff members across our offices in this important subject and enable our mental health ambassadors to signpost access to support, or spot signs of mental health issues within the workplace and provide guidance on how to get help.

Additionally, we also work with Health Assured, the UK and Ireland’s largest independent and award-winning employee assistance programme (EAP) provider. Resources including self-help assessments, videos and one to one counselling, from Health Assured are fully accessible through our internal employee hub, which everyone at Mondottica Group is a member of.

Next week we are also inviting all our staff to take part in our “Lets connect: coffee and chat” events. Considering the impact of the global pandemic, this year’s Mental Health Awareness week looks at loneliness. Our events allow us all the opportunity to take time to understand what we each need for our own mental wellbeing, with a particular focus on connecting with others. Taking care of our staff’s mental wellbeing, means our doors are always open to each of the Mondottica team, to listen and support. We hope that everyone takes the chance to connect and reconnect with themselves and others.

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