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A fresh twist on the poolside classic, Pepe Jeans’ pilot shapes have an eye-catching quality accentuated by choice metals and fashionable lenses.

Entering the market in the early 1940s, the original aviator’s design has since been adopted as a generic style. Their evolution has been a shared experience in pop culture and currently makes them a go-to shape for summer eyewear. Interestingly over decades, they are now more a staple of people’s cabin luggage rather than of the cockpit.

With this in mind, Pepe Jeans have again proved their ability to reinvent popular profiles with trend-setting coolness as seen in MILO PJ5153 (pictured above). For this frame, the brand has drawn influences from the party-loving 80s. A trend leader, this cult twist has pilot-shaped flat lenses for a formidable mask effect, while the double bridge and the exposed screws add an urban aesthetic. Available in gold, black, silver and blue, they are designed to be the most popular summer style.

Similarly, kids’ style KRIS PJ6015 is the go-to pilot choice for daredevils and thrill-seekers. With mirrored lenses set within a durable rim wire frame, this is a model to be seen in. From funky blue to sunny yellow, the tropical toned shades are matched with matte effect tips. A fun and carefree option for every kid to stand out from the pack.

pilot shapes kids PJ6015 sunglasses

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Featured styles: MILO PJ5153 & KRIS PJ6015