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Adding a hint of colour to a vibrant menswear range are Scotch & Soda‘s new selfie-friendly shades.

Reminiscent of hawaiian sunsets at the beach and tropical vibes is the KEONI LIMITED EDITION SS8003 style (see above). Available in soft hues with tonal lenses, the frame itself is very fine and lightweight with milled detailing over the top of the lenses. In addition to that, it features a Terrazzo Palazzo marble-inspired colourful touch at the end tips. The soft champagne version comes with a limited-edition cloth and case, featuring the exclusive Keoni print.

Another highlight in the range is RICHMOND SS6002. The detailing on the metal door handles of the Scotch & Soda shops has inspired the design of the temples, while the caravan shape echoes the cool and sophistication of a bygone era.