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A Silmo D’Or Nomination for Zoobug London

With its unique and fun styling, BUTTERFLY ZB5044 style by ZOOBUG LONDON has won a Silmo D’Or nomination in this year’s edition of the Awards. The oversized round shape converts to a quirky feminine butterfly silhouette – bringing fun and enjoyment to wearing sunglasses – and features a beautiful floral pattern exuding through clear cellulose… Read More

A SILMO D’or Nomination for Maje

Once again Maje has won a nomination for the prestigious Silmo D’Or Award – this is the brand’s third nomination in a row! This year it’s the turn of the optical range, with style MJ1023 shortlisted in the ”Best Fashion Trend” category. The model is finely formed in the thinnest tortoiseshell hues and hand-crafted in… Read More


Zoobug London holds a place with the very best in children’s eyewear. The brands’ award-winning collections are stylish and fresh without compromising on eye protection and safety in the sun. PANDA ZB5033 is one of the highlights in the range: shortlisted for a Silmo d’Or Award, it is unique – the Zoobug way. The round… Read More


Last Monday Silmo 2018 closed its doors, and it was a great success. With 1360 exhibitors and brands, and over 37,000 visitors, it was an event not to be missed. Mondottica, once again, managed to stand out thanks to the eye-catching Ducati motorbike on display within the booth. Other key highlights included the nomination for a… Read More