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To celebrate this year’s Pride month, a month that globally celebrates inclusivity, diversity and equality, we caught up with our internal Culture and Inclusion group to ask “what does inclusivity mean to you?”

At Mondottica Group we value relationships and are committed to inclusion and enjoying diversity. Our dedicated internal Culture and Inclusivity group works to celebrate diversity and inclusion for all and are committed to creating a fairer, more diverse, and more inclusive working environment.

Our group looks at what we can do to further improve areas of the business to be more inclusive, and so far,  have created an annual 2022 interfaith calendar to celebrate and highlight the different religious celebration across the year. In addition to our annual faith calendar, shared on a month-by-month basis our other employees, the group trailed an online training course focused on unconscious bias, which was shared with the wider Mondottica teams in April.

Here’s what our group had to say on: “What does inclusivity mean to you?”

Nik from our Design team: “Inclusivity to me is the acceptance and openness of an environment to all people, no matter their sexual orientation, gender identity, race, religion, or age. In this case, the acceptance of all employees and associates of Mondottica. Inclusivity promotes our peers and colleagues of giving each other respect and acceptance, openness within work, and giving our full potential to one another.”

Petronella from our Customer Services team: “Inclusion to me means regardless of our differences as human beings, we are all valued, listened to, accepted, and welcomed. We are all treated equally despite these differences”

Isobelle from our Marketing team: “To me, inclusivity means everyone has the equal chances within working environments and that there is a culture of acceptance and safety. For me, that is recognising the differences between people and groups and celebrating these differences so that everyone feels valued and welcomed.”

Amanda from our Customer Service Administrator: “Inclusivity to me means a level playing field for all of us, so we all have the same opportunities and potential, while being accepted for who we are as individuals. It also means we can draw on different experiences and can approach tasks and issues from different angles. More variety, more perspectives, more understanding, just “more” of the positive stuff in general – what’s not to love about that.”

Happy Pride Month from Mondottica Group!

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